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Flying Fox Aviation Hire Group

24/7 Access to a Private Aircraft

The only instance in which money can buy you more time is when you fly private. Our group allows access to aircraft that have the performance to disregard the need for large international airports. By adding hundreds more destinations to the list to choose from, we can cut down travel by around 2 hours per trip on average. When you travel by conventional means you are limited to working with what’s available. When your flying with your own aircraft, you decide when and where you want to depart from.

Airport Queues

Whilst everyone is taking their shoes off and waiting in overcrowded lines you’re on your way to your destination. Be it your clients or your family you will be able to spend more time with your people.

Aircraft Choice

We maintain a fleet of impeccable aircraft that do not disappoint. Flying high above the clouds at 30,000 feet the Pilatus name is globally recognised as one of the leading specialists in executive travel. Combined with a tuned performance sheet there are not many places in the continent you cannot go.

How it Works

We provide the aircraft, the insurance and the maintenance. You provide the pilot, the fuel and the destination. You will be able to hire the aircraft from us for your exclusive use whilst you become your own operator. Contact us for more information.

Group Membership

Joining the group gives you access to all the executive aircraft in the fleet. In addition, it will put you in contact with our team who can help book the right aircraft for your mission. Membership is charged yearly at £79.00 per year (INC VAT).